Analytics, data science, & artificial intelligence :

Sharda, Ramesh Delen, Dursun Turban, Efraim

Analytics, data science, & artificial intelligence : systems for decision support / Ramesh Sharda, Dursun Delen, Efraim Turban - Eleventh edition / global edition - 831 páginas : ilustraciones, gráficas, fotografías ; 25 cm.

Ilustraciones, gráficas y fotografías a color

Part I: Introduction to analytics and AI ; 1. An Overview of Business Analytics, Decision Support Systems, Business Intelligence, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence ; 2. Artificial Intelligence: Concepts, Drivers, Major Technologies, and Business Applications ; 3. Nature of Data, Statistical Modeling, and Visualization ; Part II: Predictive analytics and machine learning ; 4. Data Mining Process, Methods, and Applications ; 5. Machine learning Techniques for Predictive Analytics ; 6. Deep Learning and Cognitive
Computing ; 7. Text Mining, Sentiment Analysis, and Social Analytics ; Part III: Prescriptive analytics and big data ; 8. Prescriptive Analytics with Optimization and Simulation ; 9. Big Data, Location Analytics, and Cloud Computing ; Part IV: Robotics, social networks, AI, and IoT ; 10. Robotics: Industrial and Consumer Applications ; 11. Group Decision Making, Collaborative Systems, and AI Support ; 12. Knowledge Systems: Expert Systems, Recommenders, Chatbots, Virtual Personal Assistants, and Robo Advisors ; 13. The Internet of Things As a Platform for Intelligent Applications ; Part V: Caveats of analytics and AI ; 14. Implementation Issues: From Ethics and Privacy to Organizational and Societal Impacts

Analytics, data science, & artificial intelligence: systems for decision support presents the fundamentals of the methods, methodologies, and techniques used to design and develop analytics. The book uses an EEE aproach: it exposes experience these techniques through a number of software tools, and encourages them to explore their potential through exercises.


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