Dear Madam President :

Palmieri, Jennifer

Dear Madam President : an open letter to the women who will run the world / Open letter to the women who will run the world Jennifer Palmieri - 1st. edition - New York : Grand Central Publishing, 2018. - ix, 180 páginas ; 19 cm.

Introduction: Dear Madam President: Chart your own path ; Chapter one. The day after: When the unimaginable happens, imagine what else may be possible ; Chapter two. Move forward, draw fire: Brace yourself ; nothing draws fire like a woman moving forward ; Chapter three. In the room: Speak up, your voice is needed ; Chapter four. Nod less, cry more: It's your world and you can cry if you want to ; Chapter five. Keep your head (and your heart) during a storm: You need both to steer the ship to safety ; Chapter six. Embrace your battle scars: Show us what you have been through ; it tells us what we can survive ; Chapter seven. Her story: Don't search for your role in his story ; write your own ; Chapter eight. Undefeated: Even when you lose, refuse to be defeated ; Chapter nine. Bound together: We are bound together; now we need to unite.

Enmarcada como una carta empoderadora de la ex directora de Comunicaciones de Hillary Clinton, Jennifer Palmieri, dirigía a la primera mujer presidenta, y por extensión, a todas las mujeres que trabajan para tener éxito en cualquier campo, la querida señora Presidenta está llena de consejos prácticos y orientados hacia el futuro para todas las mujeres que están decidiendo a tomar el control de sus vidas, desde la sala de juntas hasta la sala de estar.


Trabajo de la mujer--Aspectos sociales
Mujeres empresarias
Desarrollo de liderazgo
Mujeres en la política
Ciencia política--Estados Unidos

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